Email Template

Email Template: Vizro Records

Project Overview

This was a group project, our main goal was to create a mock-up application for a fictional company. We also had to create a brochure, a one page website mock-up, and develop an email template in relation to that applicatio

Brain Storming

Our team started off trying to find a topic for our app. The topic we ending choosing was a music record company. Using Pinterest and Figma, we gathered inspirations and ideas. We looked at websites such as Westwood Records to reference what kind a record company website/app would need.

Project Application


Contributors: Kayla Tran, Michael Mckay, Renzrick Endaya and Sherwood Seabrook.

My Contribution


Being the head developer of this project, I had to communicate with the designers to see what direction they were heading. I had to create design and develop an email template which fit into their style guide.


After doing some researching, I found out that the best practices for e-mail templates were to use tables, it didn't take me long to set up the html markup and start styling it on CSS.