Collaborating Responsive Website

Responsive Webpage: Opus-Space

Project Overview

For this Project, our main goal was to create a responsive webpage and go through process of quality assurance. This webpage is for promoting our team's skills and services. After the developement of the product, we go through our check-list to find bugs and enhancements that could be made.


Our team was very efficient with distributing responsibilities and tasks for each team memember. We had two designers focused on the branding and designing of of our company and webpage. Two developers, one who focuses on the animations and flashy features, and one(me) who focused on the markup and styling. And our final member who is the team leader, who makes sure everything is going about efficiently and plans out the work process.


opus1 opus2

Contributors: Christopher Poirier, Joshwel Licerio, Renzrick Endaya, Sherwood Seabrook.

My Contribution


Apart from initially coding in the HTML content and styling it with CSS, I would need to give feed back to the designers after their initial designs. After testing our site and going through our check-list, the bugs that were found get distributed between the two developers and were to be fixed to improve the webpages UI/UX. We used one of Github's features to track our bugs.